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gcn model rip


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I'm having trouble. I want to get a specific model from a capcom game, but I can't get it. I know the rules say not to ask how to rip stuff, but I'm not asking how. I'm asking if someone will do it for me. I want to get a megaman.exe model from the gcn game megaman network transmission, but for various reasons I cannot. I own the game, but my dvd drive isn't a compatible one. There's another lower quality one in the game megaman battle network 5 double team ds, but the files in it are encrypted in non-nintendo formats. I'd like to be able to get some of the navis and viruses from the gcn game, but, as I said, I'm incapable of ripping it. I know others have posted about ripping stuff, so this can't be a ban topic, right? Is there a way around my troubles?