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[GC] Pikmin 2 Hacking Notes.


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I have been exploring the files of Pikmin 2, mainly the Battle Maps, and these are my notes so far:

"Pikmin 2 File Notes

Battle Field = Otegaru
War Path = Semai
Carpet Plain = Hirobiro
Angle Maze = Kakukaku
Colosseum = Ujyaujya
Rusty Gultch = Hiyahiya
Brawl Yard = Nobinobi
Tile Lands = Tile
Dim Labyrinth = Meiro
Hostile Territory = Karakuchi

Menus are located in "/new_scene"
Map Units are located in "/user/Mukki/mapunits"
Battle Stages are located in "/user/Abe/vs"

Each Map has three different files; for example:

War Path >> "vs_5_semai_edit.txt"
War Path >> "vs_5_semai.txt"
"vs_5_semai.txt" >> "vs_5_conc.txt"

The "vs_5_conc.txt" file is a units definition file,
which has information for all the units in a paticular battle stage.

Test: I deleted the "room_vs_hitode3x3m_5_conc" settings from the "vs_5_conc.txt" file
and proceeded to play the game with the edited file and War Path (semai) did NOT freeze; though what it looked like is a whole different story."

I just wanted to share my experiences with Pikmin 2 hacking.