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Gameshark And Action Replay Help!


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Hey guys, i just saw an article about project64 being able to support some sort of GameShark input or code (same for ActionReplay) that you can play your games with. I am so excited if there IS a way to put Action replay or GameShark into the pj64 emulator because i want to play Turok 2 with it! i heard it will enable many hidden stuff!

Just tell me if there is a way to use gameshark or actionreplay with pj64!!

PLEASE!!! :)

thank you guys!



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I think you might be referring to the GameShark cheats feature built into Project64. When you're running a game in Project64, just press Ctrl+C to get a list of GameShark cheats you can turn on or off.

If you're referring to the ROMs GameShark and Action Replay, those are unemulatable PERIOD. I have yet to try any emulator-plugin combo that would get either of those games working. Depending on the country version you download, Project64 just barely even recognizes the ROMs in the RDB file. I am pretty well convinced there is no way to support those ROMs and that it would be a waste of programming for zilmar to implement support for those ROMs.


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how to find codes on one own? I mean hexadecimal searching like GS or AR cartrige on console.

thank you:wolverine