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Gamecube Controller Support for NullDC?


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I'm having trouble getting my Gamecube controller to work with NullDC. Whenever I set controls under PuruPuru, the buttons never come out correctly. I am this adapter:

"Dual USB adapter for Gamecube controller (Gamecube to PC)"

Google it, I can not post URLs since this is my first post.

If anyone could help me find a solution to this, I would be very greatful.


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Thanks for the reply.

It is a plug in that allows you to emulate a dreamcast controller with a USB controller. However, it does not work with a gamecube controller or I have my settings wrong. Any ideas?


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Couldn't you just get your GameCube controller recognized in Windows, and then see if Demul picks it up? Why use PuruPuru at all?
You can always try another emulator, like Demul -- which is arguably a lot better than nullDC.