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Since there are threads about the rules all over the place consider this thread as a last warning. The moderators have any right to close your thread, edit/delete your post or even BAN you if you don't follow these rules:

[highlight]DO NOT[/highlight]

  1. Ask for ROMs or ISOs
  2. Post links that lead to ROMs or ISOs
  3. Ask how to rip ISOs
  4. Ask how to play backed up games on a Gamecube (including ACL discussion)
  5. Ask for future releases of an emulator or private beta builts
  6. Ask to be a beta tester
  7. Insult people without any reason, double post, advertise or spam
  8. Discuss about something not related to Gamecube
  9. Discuss circumvention of Gamecube's copyright protections (Azimer)
  10. Make references to ROMs downloaded. Don't incriminate yourself.
  11. Advertisements of any sort (especially those for economic gain). This is an immediate permanent ban from the board. If you want to advertise a free website related to gamecube emulation, please contact a moderator first before posting.
  12. Discuss Cobra, Anaconda, ACL, or any other method of playing "backups".
  13. Post without searching for you answer first. This includes the famous emulator speed questions and compatibility questions.

If you need help, make it easier for the others to help you by describing the exact problem and posting the specs of your system.

Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.
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Not open for further replies.