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Flycast Dojo v0.5.21 is released!

Flycast Dojo is a fork of Flycast , a cross-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi/2, and Atomiswave emulator derived from Reicast , with a focus on netplay features and replay.

Flycast Dojo can be grabbed from GitHub or as part of the Fightcade matchmaking service . However you get it, you'll still have the option to use it standalone for P2P games using match codes on an internet matchmaking server, either via a direct IP connection or a virtual LAN like ZeroTier or Radmin.


  • Match Codes: Force default port number on sessions
  • LAN Lobby: Start beacon with game launch, clear beacon entries on host cancel
  • Settings: Add LAN Lobby Multicast Address & Port fields