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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Feedback & support thread for N64textures.com


Texture Pack Invader
Feedback Thread


This thread is to be used for the following...

Submission of texture packs that are not currently archived.
Feature requests for Textures site
General talk and Information.
Suggestions and comments.


Texture Pack Invader
Packs uploaded will contain information to the development thread if one exists.
Packs will contain authors' information and link to their emutalk profile.

HTC, HTS, DAT, packs will be archived with proper default file structure IE: (Plugin/GFX/cache)
Thus remember to backup and overwrite current files IE: The_Legend_of_Zelda.hts

File/Folder png-based archives will and are saved as .ZIP
.HTC, .HTS, .DAT Based archives will be saved as .RAR this will allow me to audit files quickly at a glance.


Texture Pack Invader
Jabo textures are coming to N64textures.com

With a week of dedication and some slight trickery on @Gent s behalf, we will be offering the following
Packs including:
AEROGAUGE - Jabo 1.7 Texture Pack (PNG) - v1.6 - Gent
DX Texture Pack AEROGAUGE v1.5 - Gent
Djipi's Super Mario 64 Cell shade V1.1
Gecko Lee's: Mario Kart World Tour
Gecko Lee's: Super Smash Bro's Mayhem
HiperCambios: Pokemon Stadium 2 Remastered
Kerber2k's: Goldeneye MPak v1.1
Kerber2k's: Mario Kart Pack v1.1
Kerber2k's: Mario Kart Pack v1.2
KMan's: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time _Hi-Rez
Linkstian's: Road Rash 64 Remastered Edition
_pm_'s: Diddy Kong Racing Pack V1.1
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