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Fake64 - Hmmmm


How is it going with Fake64?

I need to revive my Linux box soonish and freshen the version I'm running, but after that I should be able to do some debugging.




yea, well all of the developers are unmotivated and too busy...
the project is up for adoption i suppose... we can provide docs and prolly some other help too to anyone who wants to try


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Once I learn how to program(lol) I'll continue the project(lol) I ordered some books on programming and will try my best seeing has nobody else is working on it. Just giving me a couple of years to learn how programming works and then do learn how to emulation works. (lol) Also I'm not kidding. Info to help my learn. i'm dedicated and have tons of spare time. I just really want to help out the n64 emulation scene instead of just playing the games.