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The Majority of the bedding Enterprise

That 25 retailers market the most futon mattresses in The nation? Has supply shifted?

Department shops and nationwide chains continue to direct Just how as supply stations that are prime for bedding. With earnings they represent nearly 59 percent of their earnings in the listing of the bedding merchants of HFD, and industry experts say that is not going to change. The change in the quality of night's sleep when you have the twin size futon mattress

The challenge in cost Service and Competitive oriented from the face of competition from mill and specialization direct retailers.

Sleep specialty shops continued to play a role Bedding business in 1988, accounting 14 percent of earnings from the top 25. Topping the list from this class are Kleinsleep of Yonkers, N.Y. and Sleepy's of New Hyde Park, N.Y., equally with earnings estimated at $38 million.

While just six sleep specialization shops made our top 25, a few More dropped short of the quantity, and industry observers say an integral distribution channel is represented by the shops. One of those established in the business but not large enough for our record were Bedding Pros of Niles, Ill.. With earnings of roughly $8 million; Kittle's of Indianapolis, with earnings estimated at $3 million; and City Mattress of Cheektowaga, N.Y., together with earnings of roughly $3 million.

Although a Lot of sleep stores post sales volumes that are Tiny, As a team they account for at least 10% of bedding earnings, and by using advertising and their sales staffs they perform roles in awareness and customer education.

Overall, the 25 bedding merchants do $1.2 billion in earnings, Accounting for 29 percent of 4.2 billion business. Industry observers expect no fantastic changes in the way in which the list piles up following calendar year, unless the cloudy retail scene develops shakier. "Retailing is in this state of upheaval nowadays that bedding can alter as imports does," said a major bedding . "But bedding retailers will not be causing the fluctuations. The retailing situation is going to. Bedding is the tail and the tail isn't going to wag the dog"


Leading the way on the record is In bed for ages. Montgomery Ward's by over $40 million business observers say the series is at a place nowadays while the series seems to possess an iron grip on the place. With its movement to brands and low rates, Sears is currently getting from private label solutions and just two mainstays events. Without occasions, it requires a approach. Along with the emphasis on brands means customers can comparison shop.

One overlooked distribution station that the Mill small business. With just two companies making a few and the record of them inhabiting the place that is previous it would seem that mill surgeries aren't important factors in the market. But that is changing, according to data and industry observers . Factory direct businesses accounts for 6.7 percent of business's total wholesale dollar volume, according to ISPA data. A poll by the institution found factory direct earnings totalled $158.5 million in 1988, a 6.3 percent increase over the last year.

Both factory companies are Ortho Mattress of Compton, Cal. With earnings estimated at $60 million and W. Simmons, of Cerritos, Cal. With earnings estimated at $6.9 million. Collectively they account for nearly 6% of the top 25 revenue.

Levitz, a furniture retailing giant, was the top furniture store in the 25, with earnings estimated at $93 million. Four furniture shops created the record, accounting for approximately 11% of the top 25 revenue. While in our high 25 furniture shops signify a smaller revenue volume compared to do department stores and national chains, industrywide every supply channel accounts for a bit more than 40% of overall bedding earnings.

Listing is status bedding stores spun off name retailers Manufacturers such as Simmons, using its BeautyRest Sleep Shops.
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