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Emulators for the N64?


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Rather than emulating the N64 does any one know of any emulators that run on the N64? The only one I know of is MAME but am hoping there are some more out there?


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ok stupid question, how do you put an emulator on a cartridge based system? you would have to flash a blank game pack right?


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You can run homebrew games and emulators on a Nintendo 64 backup unit, like Doctor64, Doctor V64, Cerebus, Cyberator.


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HCS made a very good NES emulator. You can get that here:

Other's I've seen but don't know where to find:
I can't tell you where to find the Mame64 project, because they were silly and embedded licensed roms. However, it works quite well for everything that isn't a vector-based game.

There's the horrendous datel GB emulator. It doesn't play GB sound, just this evil noise in place of it. It also doesn't allow custom chipsets.

There's a Sega game gear emulator, though it usually erroneously is called a master system emulator despite not doing that at all really. It only works on console.

There's a demo of a SNES emulator around, but it, quite terribly, plays only a very small number of games, most homebrews.

I there's an MSX emu as well. It was supposed to cap off at a certain memory mark, so you probably can't play metal gear 2. Still, awfully cool.

Other weird stuff are tracker and mp3 players. Again, you'll have to search around for them, but it can't be that hard.