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Emulation64.com newsletter!


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<b>Emulation64.com newsletter!</b>

After giving this some consideration, I've decided to start using newsletters at Emulation64/EmuTalk. As you probably know, we're using the EmuTalk database as user database now, and all news posts at Emulation64 actually shows up as a new thread at EmuTalk whenever news is submitted.<br><br>It will be a weekly newsletter (I think, or what do you think?), and if you are a registered member you will automatically receive the first newsletter shortly. This weekly newletter will include all news posts here at Emu64 that has been posted in the past week.<br><br>I hope this finds you well. If not, simply unsubscribe from the newletter in your User Control Panel.


haha i received those in my e-mail, damn newsletters, sometimes i hate them unless it's something i suscribed to :p.



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Yeah, he mentioned it in the thread "I'm quitting the scene!" , funny, the post counter stopped ;]


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I'm so excited. Someone will finally e-mail me... every week. I'll just sit here pushing the refresh button every once and a while. Y'know... just in case you decide to go crazy or something and send me two in one week.

i like this idea... but is the birthday part correct? it seems like more than rather coincidential that 5 people on the board have the exact same birthday...



Some people don't specify birthday...
Anyway, good idea. :flowers:
Now i don't need to check for news :D


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Sounds like a good idea to me Martin :emutalk: (feel that goatee powa :D)

As for HTML/TXT, I personally prefer HTML :holiday: