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Since NesterDC is an application that runs on a Dreamcast, I think it would be good to add a Dreamcast info topic. Maybe someone pins this.

About NesterDC SE

As you may have noticed, NesterDC is no longer being updated. Scherzo, a very well known Dreamcast developer has released NesterDC-SE, an optimized version of NesterDC.
NesterDC SE is better than NesterDC.

Other emulators for Dreamcast

If you are looking for other emulators for your Dreamcast, you should check out sites like DCEmulation or Dreamcast-Scene. They contain informations about emulators for many different systems and other applications that run on the Dreamcast. They also serve a nice and big community. Most of the Dreamcast developers release their applications on DCEmulation.org.

Dreamcast Links

DCEmulation is the oldest Dreamcast community and home of quite all homebrew developers. Quite all of the scene stuff is happening there.

Dreamcast-Scene is a wiki and community dedicated to the Dreamcast

DCEvolution contains a lot of ready-to-burn Dreamcast stuff
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