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Donkey Kong 64 bypassing keycode ? (the cheat device prevention)


I think I've seen some preloaded DK64 cheats work, buuut, the one I was dying to make work was..

y'know the Beaver Bother bonus game ? In the laaaaate Castle level with Tiny. I read you could glitch and temporarily be regular character which makes the bonus game a cakewalk.

Welp, I went to gscentral.org and saw a cheat that allows you to be any character, anywhere. I add/enable it, enter a new area, no effect. What else could I do..?

From what I've seen, you would have to boot your Gameshark with any other cartridge. Input the keycode, power off THEN that game could be Gamesharkt. That's bananas, and I'm amazed at that procedure of bypassing device prevention. But..through emulation ?
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yup not a chance in hell...
On the real hardware it can be glitched but as this is an emulation, there is no real hardware sitting on another real hardware slotted inside the main hardware. So end result nothing to cheat the hardware into thinking something else is happening.
That's a shame.

I had one of the later Gamesharks, they're just too fragile, if yours has lasted you from 90s up to today then you're lucky