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does my pc suits HLE 2064??


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hi, i'm a little bit concerned about this emu. first of all, i don't know if my pc has the directx required for this emu, or if it requires other stuff to run itself. second, i downloaded mario kart, but it doesn't opens with this emulator, so i'm confused if the problem is the emulator or the game itself. finally, the emulator asks for audio and video configuration, what should i put?? how do i know if i have directx?? what's the problem with the game or the emulator?? what should i install or what should i modify??

thank you:phone:


At your service, dood!
Go to your start menu, click on "Run", type in "Dxdiag" and hit enter, it'll tell you things about your computer, repeat details such as Processor, DirectX version and memory, go to the display tab to find out what video card you have.

Ultrahle 2064 is for really slow pc's, keep that in mind, you really want to be able to run Project64 or 1964. Ultrahle2064 is a dead project I believe too.