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Disabling 'Found new hardware' in XP


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Can't remember how to solve this one, being on a Swedish install of XP makes me a tad less inclined to randomly click options which I sometimes don't know what they 100% do :)

Trying to stop XP from automatically trying to install drivers for me on startup - this often bugs the shit out of me, but recently it has started to annoy me even more. When I install drivers I always remove the older ones, clean out older files etc, reboot and then install the newer ones.

Sometimes though XP just decides it'll help me, of course it just pisses me off...

So any clues on disabling this POS ;) thnx


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Unfortunately, Windows 2000 will do the same thing, too. The only way to get rid of the "Found New Hardware" feature, AFAIK is to disable Plug and Play!

I don't believe you want to do that.

Also, of the 32-bit Windows operating systems, it's likely Windows NT 4.0 is the only one where you can disable Plug and Play.


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Pain in the arse then eh :) Guess I'll just have to put up with it, until I can find a decent workaround.


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Trotterwatch said:
Pain in the arse then eh :) Guess I'll just have to put up with it, until I can find a decent workaround.

you can try control panel/admin. tools/services (it's a translation of my xp, i don't know how it's witten on yours) , you can disable hardware detection here (right click hardware detection and click properties), but are you sure you want that ???


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Yep, this annoying me too.....
When i remove the nvidia drivers and reboot the pc, that bulls... of windows xp begins to download the "new drivers" from web......

workaround i found: remove the RJ45 ethernet cable from my pc...... and after install manually the drivers.


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Yeah but once youve updated your drivers you should turn it back on. Its the only way to get USB devices to work properly when you unplug them frequently (ie gamepads)