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<b>CXBX Source Code</b>

Well, there is usually not much xbox emulation news, It is a growing scene and although emulation of xbox is somewhat diffrent then having to completly emulate a new system and processor, it will not exactly go so quite as simple as we would like. The other thing is that xbox is a system that you can insert a mod chip into. Should we talk about emulators that are ported to xbox, and can be run with a modhcip? No, because they illegally use the MS XDK, and we don't want to get into legal trouble. So, with that said, I present a new xbox emulation related post, that is legal.</font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_quote">I have released the full Cxbx and Cxbe source code today.<br><br>:ext:[email protected]:<br>/cvsroot/openxdk<br><br>CVS Module: <a href="http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/openxdk/cxbx/">cxbx</a><br><br>I am not offering any support for this code at this time, if you are interested in becoming an active developer, please contact me. Please only contact me if you are experienced enough to contribute to the project.<br>-Caustik @ <a href="http://www.caustik.com/xbox/news.htm">caustik.com</a><br><br></font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_text">