What's new

Clownmdemu v0.7 released!

It is an emulator of Sega Megadrive.


Online version available here.

The changes:

– Fixed missing audio in After Burner II.
– Fixed flipped graphics in Jim Power.
– The game’s name in now shown in the window title.
– Partially-implemented the V counter.
– Fixed OutRun and OutRun 2019.
– Vastly-improved Mega CD support.
– Sonic CD is now playable from beginning to end, from aside its special stages.
"New stub BIOS."
– PCM emulation added.
– CDDA emulation added.
– 6-button controller emulation added.
– Improved YM2612 emulation:
– Per-operator frequency emulation added.
– CSM emulation added.
– SG-EG emulation added.
– Fixed Sonic 3’s Competition Mode menu music.
– Fixed Contra: Hard Corps’ snare.
– Fixed latency when toggling rewinding while frame-advancing (para.
– Fixed build errors when not using MSVC (-8).
– Fixed compatibility with SDL v2.0.18.