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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
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clay fighters sculptors cut wip


Dcemu.co.uk guy
Thought i'd announce a texture pack that didn't think was possible...For the n64 version of clay fighters sculptor cut which includes more characters over the original version.

So this version is possible because of ai upscaling, using my own training model to improve this game.
Right now its very much in alpha due to missing the alternative colours and being the first upscale, so some texture might not look right at all, but is a base for improvements, where i intend to work on individual characters, and backgrounds to improve the fidelity and keep the original clay look.
This is a massive texture pack where the sprites have been broken up, and currently 25,000 textures have been worked on

Oh and how about an alpha download? warning its a pretty big texture pack

Anyway onto some screenshots


  • GLideN64_Clayfighter_SC_011.jpg
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  • GLideN64_Clayfighter_SC_005.jpg
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  • GLideN64_Clayfighter_SC_001.jpg
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