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cemu 1.7.0 with texture modding?


Dcemu.co.uk guy
some news from the patreon camp for cemu, seems like there might be some modding for the future releases of cemu

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.7.0
# Patreon release date: 2017-01-09

GX2: Added support for customizable graphics via 'Graphic packs' (alias graphic modding support built into the emulator)
GX2: Overhauled shader cache. Shader cache files can now be transferred between different PCs and remain compatible across future Cemu versions.
GX2: Fixed a bug where alpha-test related registers where incorrectly handled for shaders read from the shader cache

ooh this will be interesting, as you can already dump textures already for games
zelda can now go to hd and beyond, seen 4k screenshots



Zelda CelShade Producer
i'm a patreon for Cemu and Graphics pack isn't a texture pack :( But if one day maybe :)


Dcemu.co.uk guy
yeah why the question mark, early days, and honest too busy to be a patreon would be wasted on me lol