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Capcom VS SNK VS Cheap bastards


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Am I wrong, or are the two cheap porting bastards?

Recently I found Capcom vs SNK 2 EO. I wanted to rip sprites, but ended up dumping them instead (not with the expected results, by the way). Why would I dump it?

Apparently either Capcom or SNK has directly ported the game from PS2 to GameCube, or vice versa. This means that any GCN tool now available... is useless. Yes, the only things that could somewhat be useable is the icons in the GC subdirectory.

But how would I know it is multi-platformed? Basically I could just go to any gaming site, but when extracting everything with the GCM dumper, I found the sub-directory PS2, which also contains TIM2 files (the PS2 graphics file format). And my fears became true: because it's made multi-platform, the resources had to be multi-platform as well. So, now you're stuck with REL files, which are absolutely useless unless someone finds some good tools to extract them.

All and all: ripping CvS2EO is pointless.