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Capcom shoots itself in foot on 3ds?


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News about resident evil mercenaries... Apparently the save is non erasable so if you resell (or want to replay) then you are stuck with your old save data, so it's basically worthless. I know one game I won't be buying...


Edit: I do wonder though, if you pop the cart out while it is writing the save, causing corruption, if it might recognize the save is bad and cause it to re-initialize... Pain in the backside method but maybe... Still a no buy for me though :p
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No, I don't believe it actually would corrupt the save. I've tested that (just because) with ds games, and the game froze but save was just fine. The save thing isn't the worst part either: If the non-erase save file is a success, more developers are going to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. (think I'm lying? Think about the way games USED to be saved with passwords)

Their decision for this, however, may have something to do with DLC.