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can an emulator improve the frames from 30 to 60?


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AFAIK, no. Games have a fixed internal framerate, and most games on those systems run at 30fps max. There are exceptions, like the original Ridge Racer. Brute forcing games to run at a higher framerate would very likely break the internal logic of these games, as the logic that governs animations and timing, etc. runs at 30fps (or even lower) and expects the internal framerate of the game to stick to what the developers intended it to be.

That said not all games stick so rigidly to their intended internal framerate, but what those games are, I couldn't tell you.
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well i've seen hacks and cheats that can sometimes do that, and also you can overclock the cpu in an emulator which could help bring it to 60fps so there are possibilities, of course theres always draw backs, but half the fun of emulation is tinkering :)