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Raging Fuel

The jumbles man, the jumbles
I'm writing this from the airport. In about one hour I will be in the plane for Hong Kong, so see you all in about 10 days.

BTW If anyone sees this withing the next 12 minutes (how long I have left on this comp) please post a link to the User CP, this browser doesn't seen to show it properly.


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is it hard to find legit games in HK???i herd that pirating is LEGAL in bangkok:plain:
well not sure oh well.....
Raging Fuel

Raging Fuel

The jumbles man, the jumbles
Well I'm now at the Hong Kong airport waiting for the flight home. Thine: I haven't been to Bangkok, but I highly doubt pirating is legal there, because copyright is international law. Anyway Hong Kong has really cleaned up since it was handed back to China, and it is actually hard to find any pirated stuff.