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Bro, do you even lift? (about exercise)


The decent one
Hi everybody,

It's been quite some time after I used to visit these forums regulary but of course will never forget the irreplaceable fun I used to have at Emutalk! However, life goes on and a lot has changed for me. So now for something completely different.

One of the things I remember most while working with the N64 emulators, which was basically my daily bread in my mid-teens, was that I was one skinny underweight kid who could run very fast but not much more. Nowdays my interests shifted a lot, to physiology science and as a consequence of that to exercise and lifting weights.

Long story short: the daily hours I used to spend fidgeting with emulators I now spend in the gym or on my bike. I do not have a fixed program and just fit in what suits me best for the day, which works for me since I really enjoy it.

Two decades ago I wouldn't consider going to a gym and even poked fun at those who did... Until I realised these guys (and probably even many girls) were much stronger than me and I had been lagging behind! As a bonus of my sedentary lifestyle I obtained an imbalanced posture because of sitting slouched over at my desk for hours in a row, only to be compensated by lying on the couch.

Now by putting all the knowledge and theory I had into practice, and after years of consistent training, I basically am one of the fittest guys in my local gym and (according to others) look much younger than my actual chonological age. It was a very big overhaul but since I'm finally one of the bigger guys (muscle wise) a proverbial new world has opened up for me. I will not regret finally setting foot into the gym some 5 years ago and am now one of the guys who helps out the others who walked in the way I once did.

Back then I really underestimated the fun (and advantages) of lifting weights and getting to know the people who do so regulary (in despite of the fact that I used to poke fun at them, remember?). I was just wondering if other people here have had a similar experience, so if you have please share!

And of course I might be able to help you out of you are getting started or stuck with your progress :)

Greets and peace


Texture Pack Invader
... cool story bro, make me a sandwich.

Nah but seriously welcome back and glad you are improving your life, physical fitness is very important.


The decent one
Glad to see at least one response to such an off-topic thread 😅 I will of course keep an eye on the topic in case of future replies but first gonna hit the gym because of two spare hours I have right now in between of obligations ;)


Good for you. Everyone are the beginners that's all. Someone who make fun and poke at are the cowardly and an idiots, that's simple. Peace be with you, bro and humble.


Dangerous Dave
Same here! Got into training in a massive way. I joined here over 20 years ago and I was a massive recluse.
I was obsessed with emulation and playing RPGs especially...
Then I guess I made some friends who were kind of into the gym and for the last 18 years I've been training... although this has become less consistent lately due to time constraints from work.
Training improved my life massively. Gave me more confidence and focus.
At 17 (when I originally joined this site), I was doing horribly at school and actually had to leave my original school.
However, I turned my life around and went onto study Medicine, fully qualifying quite a few years back.
And I agree with you about the ageing thing. People are surprised when I tell them I'm nearly 38.
Thanks for sharing your story!