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Blast corps

Fyber Optix

New member
Hello there, its Phiber Optix just kidding anyway I have downloaded 2different versions of blast corps... and tried them on every n64 emulator. Most of them dont seem to work at all. However, the one I have got it to work somewhat on is the PJ64... with alot of tweaking.

Was wondering what the best plugin would be for my specs.

running intel hd graphics
core i3
4gb of ram
windows 10

any help would be great thanks

Harvester Zero

New member
When using GlideN64 Public 3.0 it eliminates all problems of other plugins but it has this problem on start screen when I press A this glitch happens, same like with ending of mission. Fade-out effect triggers this. I've tried all possible combination of frame buffer settings and only one which eliminates it is "Render N64 frame buffer to output" but of course it waste complete graphics make it grainy and create new glitches so I can't use it.

Other plugins do not have that problem but they have other, Jabo - globe screen graphic is glitched, Glide64 - flickering of screen. Did anybody emulated Blast C. perfectly? Glide64 flickering is very strange to me.