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Winphin Developer
As i learned that a static(ish) recompiler (like cxbx) was basically impossible.
I have made some progress with a dynaric (i cant spell for my life).

But the thing about this one is that it is a 64 bit version. (hint amd)
(hopefully a 5-10 precent speed boost based on the difference in opcodes)

source will be released soon. (about time)
within the next few weeks after i crush a few bugs.

note: this is not a full emulator its just to help other projects cpu emulation.

the project will be known as Winphin.:matrix:


Winphin Developer
sorry forgot to add does anyone know where to find multi threading tuts.
(i know i proberly should have edited instead of posting)


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From what I understand, You're working on a dynarec core, and used it with gcube sources? I'd definitely like to see that. Even a buggy version would be nice.