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Away and quiet ...



Renegade : :D Yeah I don't forget, I had quite a few things to deal with, really, but things are on their way. Time for me to catch up the emu news on lmy sites and then update the SHLE status ;)

(NL)Falcon4ever : Frankly, I don't remember. Basically, I remember trying some unofficial. Those drivers never worked with DX8. Gfx were either corrupted, or glide crashed when used. Then I tried to get back to the good old official drivers and it worked.


The title of this thread is a touch misleading...
it sounds as if you actually were quiet Dominator :)
J/K It's nice to have you around.
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Dominator said:
iq_132: I have been quiet for a while. new thread coming?

Aprentice: Just close your eyes. :)

lol, btw, dom, are you going to use the leaked uhle code or are you going to hack further in assembly like you did before?