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Are there newer graphics/audio plugins now?


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I have been out of touch with the emulation scene for quite a while, so I am sure many things have changed. I am curious to know if there are some newer, much improved plugins for audio and video over the past few years that I should use.

I still use Jabo's for audio and controller and Glide 64 Napalm (or Jabo's) for video. I have others installed (e.g. Rice), but they are just as old, so anything updated would still be new to me.

I am also still running Pj64 v1.6 because I was never sure if any new versions were clones full of malware. Is there a different version that I should be checking out these days?

EDIT: Wow. I just realized how quiet this place has become since the last time that I was really here.
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GlideN64 is very nice these days. Azimer audio has being updated a bit over the past year. Id perferto stick with PJ64 1.6 altho 2.3 isn't to bad.