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Any 4400 fans here?


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Hey guys I already posted this over at GE, but I thought I'd better post it here too, just to show what a hopeless fanatic I am. :)
I was really disappointed to hear that USA has canceled the 5th season of the show. :( Apparently fans have launched a letter-writing and sunflower seed (in honor of the show's Dr. Burkhoff) sending campaign, set to run on January 2nd and February 1st. If you're a crazy fanatic nut for the show like me (no pun intended) go ahead and send some seeds and a letter on one or both dates - even for several days in a row if you can. Here's the somewhat official thread on the campaign:


If you're not a fan of the show then go ahead and laugh at us goofy fans as we send ton after ton of sunflower seeds to New York. :p Who knows - maybe they'll get so sick of being up to their necks in seeds and letters that they'll bring the show back. But in any event, sunflower seeds and postage stamps aren't that expensive.


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Yeah, at least if they give in and do another season they'll have plenty of sunflower seeds for Dr. Burkhoff to snack on. :happy:


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Send some sunflower seeds for The Dead Zone, too.
I wonder what's wrong with them to let such great shows end without a real ending!