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Animal Crossing GC asset extraction - .SZS, .RARC/.REL


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Getting assets from other games such as Sunshine, Wind Waker has been simple enough. Using tools such as yaz0 decompressors, rarc dump, bmdviewer2 etc.
However I've hit a roadblock with Animal Crossing. I have the directory of the ISO:

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"forest_1st.arc" and "forest_2st.arc" I can use with rarcdump.

foresta.szs is yaz0 and I decompress that to get "foresta.rarc". This appears to be some kind of .REL arc file. I searched it up and it seems it's kind of like a DLL for gamecube.
I inspected its contents in VS and I found a list of all the items, furniture, clothes, stationary etc in the game. It also contains all dialogue and all text assets it seems. I'm guessing
this is where all the interesting stuff is.

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I found these threads on google:

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EDIT: Ok well it's saying I can't post any links? probably the wait period for new acounts.
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