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A Little Error and a suggestion


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I have internet explorer 6 with all the latest updates but I cant seem to click on smiles. When I click on them the browser scrolls up to the top and does nothing else what is wrong with this. Plus a forum site I built (has nothing at all to do with emu) doesnt work. I mean all this used to work until I had to reinstal windows because my computer had all f***** up. Do I have to change a setting or something in internet options. If so can you tell me what setting it is what I have to change.
Thnx In Advance If Anyone Can Help Me.

Oh yeah one more thing can you make it so that when you get a pm a little message pops up saying you have one. As well as the notifycation in the top corner.


One, it means you need to download a new version of Java, look for it on the microsoft website OR GOOGLE because I doubt anyone will feel like finding it for you, and Two, there is an option to do that already, but you missed it completely.