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3dvia: The Ultimate Gamecube Ripper With a Slight Problem


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Hello, it's me again. I know it's been almost half a year since I last visited this site, but I've come to ask for your help. We should no longer be writing programs to view extracted model files like the metroid cmdl or the smash bros model viewer. Instead, this program, 3dvia, works with any opengl or directx application. This program is compatible with dolphin, particularly 2390 or 2550, and takes almost perfect rips with excellent texture placement. There's just one problem, it writes the files to .3dxml, a format that can't be converted reguarly. There is a macro script written by Koichi Senada that works 100%, but only if you convert the .3dxml from version 4.0, to 2.0, which is only possible using a program called Virtools 4.0, a seemingly extinct program. Now, to explain the format. The file that is saved using 3dvia printscreen is actually a .zip archive containing the actual .3dxml and manifest.xml files. Both can be opened in notepad. The program was created by Dassault, a french company, that seems to not offer any method for converting these files to something like .obj or .3ds. That's why I'm here, to go down on my knees and beg of you all, can you please write a program that converts these files to something more universal, even sketchup is acceptable. It could be a program, or even a plugin for blender, I would do it myself, but I am learning C++ from one of those teach yourself C++ in 24 hours books, so I wouldn't be of much help. I'll try to upload a .3dxml file up here, so you all can see it, but remember to go to Dassault's homepage, type 3dvia printscreen in google, and download the .3dxml viewer. Please help, for this would be helpful to hundreds of people. I will also direct some people from Facepunch here so they can see this. Good luck, and happy ripping, coding, viewing, and swearing.
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Does it provide bones and models in rigging poses?
Didn't think so.
It's just another 3D ripper DX tool. :/ Only that 3D ripper extracts to 3ds and obj.


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Just because it doesn't rip bones or support rigging, doesn't make it useless. In theory you could use the ripped materials from this program, import them in another program and rig those models there. I've seen it done before, putting in bones wouldn't be hard depending on which program you're using.


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Thanks AllenSword !
You helped me, now I might help you abit !
Because of you I searched for a 3dXml converter and I found one.


Here is what I used
-Dolphin SVN R 3869 64 bit
-3DVIA Printscreen 2.3
-3dsMaxConvertXml - HERE! 2008.11.25
-3dsmax 2009

As you can see above, I tried Killer7 and I was suprised something useful came out.
The scene might look like full of garbage but you can find the models if you search for them.
To clean up the meshes, textures and rig the models(some day) might be some work but I am gonna try it anyway.
You need to customize 3dsmax UI a bit to acces the converter ( its all in the readme). I just began, so there is more testing needed.
I set Killer7 up, made a savestate and tried to capture opengl and dx. Of course open gl runs much better, but the captured dx model was usable in the dx capture scene ( afaik so far )

Hope it helps you a bit ;D


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sorry to bump this but ive recently been ripping from the MPxViewer program and it seams that the models loose theyre UV mapping when captured, anyone got any insight on this?