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1964mod v1.4.2(beta)


Master of the Emulation Flame
Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated.

- Core Changes & Fixes
1. allow advance users to custom select rom ini name (enh)
read blog post
2. update outdated language files
English(Pokemaniacs), German(MasterPhW) & French(Siskoo)
read blog post
3. increase "Alternate Title" length from 50 to 80 (enh)
4. cleanup when clicking window close button while rom is running (enh/bugfix)
fix wrong window placement
fix improper rom close
5. random crash from codes instability (bugfix)
enhance stability fix for CloseROM (enh)
6. fix incorrect maximized window placement size for emu 1st startup (bugfix)
7. remove "maximized" window dependency on "normal" window placement size (enh/bugfix)
add new 1964Core.ini entries for "maximized" window
8. disable window resize button when game is running (enh)
9. experimental AI Interrupt codes (bugfix)
fix In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 in-game audio exception
fix “SP DMA READ, SP_DRAM_ADDR_REG not in RDRam space” for Zilmar Audio
10. obsolete & duplicate codes cleanup & refactor codes (enh/bugfix)
improve BitMaps codes
remove duplicate codes from hToolBar & hStatusBar
improve move window codes
remove duplicate & redundant codes from aWinMain
improve aWinMain codes

Plugin Changes & Fixes
1. emu does not remember 1964Audio “Sync Audio” status
register “Sync Audio” status change so it remembers last changed status
2. replace use of expansion pak size in 1964Audio with real rdram size (bugfix)
3. apply new fix for "failure to cache texture after 1st game run" on MyGlide64
4. launch 1st game on emu startup directly into fullscreen with Glide64 cause wrong window placement & resolution (bugfix)
enhance ChangeWindow function for MyGlide64

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