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110 years of prison for man!


110 years of prison for a man!

Found guilty, he got 110 years for all of his crimes among which were:
- Hacking into young girls' computers (using a trojan).
- Illegally obtaining private information from their computers.
- Using keyloggers to log what they were communicating with friends.
- Black-mail them to send pornographic pictures of themselves.

He had hacked into a total of 100 or more computers with co-workers in the course of several years.
All combined, he was sentenced to 110 years, no small price for a long list of crimes.

Pretty harsh, but I guess the sicko deserves it.
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/idg/IDG_0025...5867c4392a91f9&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
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I seriously believe sex offenders should be castrated. That would help relieve them of their pedophillic urges and testicles.


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The Bifrost malware, "is relatively easy to obtain," said Richard Wang, manager of SophosLabs U.S. "It's not something you need to pay for."
So, what? Are most viruses/trojans shareware? Is there a virus store I can go to? Do I need a credit card to buy from the virus store?


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The penalty is harsh, but this guy was doing some pretty sick stuff, so I don't feel sorry for him.


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The guy definitely deserved it. Child pornography isn't right, and he should have gotten something worse than just sitting in jail.


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PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneone. While I don't agree with his actions, I'm sick of this argument being a catch-all for pushing legislation and judicial decisions. Does he deserve to be punished? Sound like it. Does the average person live to be 110? No. Stick him in jail, disallow his use of computers/internet, maybe some counseling, and be done with it.


As serious as the crime is I can't believe he got 110 years when murders get 20. Who makes up these laws?

Forget rehabilitation. For punishment he should get the Virtual Boy super glued to his head and forced to play Red Alarm to eternity.


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I don't think that the punishment suits his crimes. He has effectively been given a life sentence, and in the UK, I am pretty sure he could not be given such a sentence. Gary Glitter committed similar crimes and got a much, much lighter sentence, for instance. Not that I condone his terrible crimes, of course.
god, from reading all these posts, i have to say a f-ing god **** jerk who enjoys child porn deservs no sypathy from ANYONE. The world today is full of moronic loosers who think theyre so good, but those are the PIMP'S!!!!

i agree to A.I., he SHOULD be forces to play red alarm for eternity with one of those fregging Virtual Boy advanced superglued to his head, and he should be hummiliated like the rat he is!!!!


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Well, multiple crimes say for multiple sentences, if it was to be paid cash for the victims he would not have the money, doig time is the only thing for him, he should thought first before harassing a lot of ppl like that.
If it is to lighten up his sentence, he couldget comuunity services for life aftewr some 20 years of jailtime.


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My Engineering class teacher got 105 years in prison, (7 times each being 15 years) but he was also the girls swim coach, so I don't know if that will tell you anything or not :p

Why are people so heartless to child molesters? They are like any other rapist, they just have it easier, which makes it scary. Yes, I think its messed up, but its a fetish just like homosexuality, or just like the normal human fetish of the opposite sex. If they came out of the closet, maybe they could get help for it, and we could prevent this. But as a society, nobody will let them.

...food for thought.


Why are people so heartless to child molesters? They are like any other rapist, they just have it easier, which makes it scary. Yes, I think its messed up, but its a fetish just like homosexuality, or just like the normal human fetish of the opposite sex.

Pedofhillia is not a normal fetish, it's sexual assault - against the law. If it was normal, child porn would be lawfuly accesible to everyone and kiddy fiddlers would be opening their own child care centres in droves.

And don't forget homosexuality is between two consenting people of the same sex, where a Paedophile is an adult forcing sexual consent of an innocent child.

And just to be controversial is homosexuality really normal in the scope of natural selection? If the apes were born gay would we humans evolve today?


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There are fetish (seemingly more popular in asian cultures) about "schoolgirl" oriented sexual encounters. Under that flag, his point may have some validity :p Regarding homosexuality and evolution (assuming we evolved from apes - maybe we did, maybe not) I don't think it fits well with it either. The ultimate goal of a species is to survive, and pairing of two "incompatible" members seems counterproductive. (Though the point could be argued too that perhaps homosexuality is a genetic defect and thus is trying to be weeded out? heh ) Who knows... this thread's getting derailed!


Man, is USA's justice system effed up or what? I mean sure this guy is one sick puppy but 110 years? Please.