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    Pascal Sound Question

    Hey guys long time no see :P How are you all doing? Well here i go, i'm currently studying to be an informatic engineer, i'm on my second semester and i'm learning pascal. But i have a problem with the sound(hz); command, apparently on windows XP if you have a sound card connected instead of...
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    Yet another Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD article

    I just found this article... and i find it kinda interesting. All i can say is... w00t :drool:
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    The MentoSoda Rocket

    I'm sure that you all have watched what happens when you mix diet coke with mentos, but there's one more video about it you should watch... the one i made with my friends :P It's quite amazing i never thought a diet coke bottle could fly so high.
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    What did you get for christmas?

    I got a new cell phone and a new watch. :P
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    S-ATA signal cable question

    Ok, finally i got my new hard drive, the thing is that it's S-ATA, and i have never connected a S-ATA hard drive before so i have a question. According to the motherboard manual a S-ATA signal cable should be like this one: SATA Cable And i have to connect the L-Shaped end to the hard drive...
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    HDD Problem

    Hi, recently i've been having some problems with my hard drive, well the computer started to get very slow so i went and checked the IDE Dispositives Properties, and found out that for some reason my HDD is running on PIO MODE instead of on UDMA, do you guys know what could i do to put it back...
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    People with lots of time at hand and nothing to do See for yourself, i don't know how did they do that, but man the one who did it had tons of patience and nothing else to do.
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    I want to learn some programming

    As the title says "I want to learn some programming", but well i don't know nothing about it, so i'd like you guys to tell me with which programming language i should start and if you can tell me of some sites that have some documentation on that language so i can get started. My goal is to...
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    ZoneAlarm Problem

    My older brother sugessted me to install the ZoneAlarm Firewall to have a better protection on my PC but im having a problem, i have 2 computers which are in a network and im using ICS so that the both PC's have internet but for some reason since i installed ZoneAlarm the internet isn't working...
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    My new PC :)

    I went on a trip to Canada and bought a new PC :), i just got back today and i want to know what do you think about what i got. Motherboard: ASUS M2V CPU: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Socket AM2 GPU: BFG Geforce 7600GT RAM: 2x 1GB Kingston DDRII 667MHZ PSU: Thermaltake 480W As for the sound card, hard...
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    WinXP doesn't recognize my primary slave HDD

    I have 2 IDE Hard Drives, a Maxtor 120GB as the primary master and a Seagate 80GB as the primary slave. So well i had a problem and decided to backup my stuff in the 80GB drive and formatting my 120GB drive, windows install program formatted my drive just fine and it installed windows and all...
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    Catalyst Control Center Problems

    Every time i try to reboot or try to turn off my PC i get a hang up of NET Broadcast Event Window, i figured out it was because of CCC(i hate this program ATI gave us, it uses too many CPU and Memory) anyway before i used ATI Control Panel wich IMO is much better than CCC but the newest drivers...
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    LAN Bandwidth Limiter

    I have two computers at home wich are connected via LAN and my internet connection is shared trough that LAN (ICS) so that the 2 PC's have internet but my sister is always downloading stuff at that PC and she consumes almost all the bandwidth always i used to limit her with netlimiter installed...
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    PC Game Recommendation

    Hey guys i need a PC game recommendation, i wanna play an Adventure or RPG game because i'm already sick of all those FPS and RTS games i've just finished Fahrenheit(Indigo Prophecy) and i liked it a lot if you know of any game of that genre or any good RPG please tell me, i want toplay a good...
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