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    Lemmings problems

    The amiga version, the DOS version, even the Lemmix DOS remake all have the same problem. After you unpause (whether by hotkey or clicking), there is a 3 second delay. You can't click anything in this three seconds. Lemmings becomes virtually unplayable if you can't unpause and click fast. I'm...
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    ZSNES 151+142 SERIOUS problem

    I have two versions of ZSNES. 1.42, and 1.51. I would prefer to use 1.51. But it seems that the music is skippy at times. It's fine, but there's a VERY small but extremely noticeable sort of slow down with some instruments in games like Final Fantasy III. It seems like most people don't notice...
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    GB games on visualboy

    Hi, has anyone noticed when playing original gameboy games on visualboy advance, the sounds and music are SLIGHTLY high pitched? Is there any ways to fix this? :homestar:
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    NES hacking

    I've been editing some NES roms and stuff, but does anyone know any hacking tools that are easier for editing music, tiles, and such?
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    Stereo Mix

    I have a SigmaTel High Defenition audio codec for my vista. It has no stereo mix. I've looked everywhere for downloads for it but I can't find any. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
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    i WILL poop on someone

    Okay, I just can't stand it. AHHHHHHHHHHH I've been trying to record a walkthrough for majora's mask. I tried hypercam, camstudio, camtasia, logging sound while recording video, snagit, super screen recorder, EVERYTHING. FRAPS is my best chance, but it won't stop freezing the emulator. I tried...
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    The FRAPS failure applies to all 64emus

    I think you already know what my problem with FRAPS is, if not, view the topic in project64 that says help plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz. I try to record majora's mask but it freezes all the time. I tried nemu, pj64, uhle, 1964, and etc........ I cant take it, it's not the rom either, I tried many...
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    Overloaded with false errors

    I started up project64 1.5, and it says that all of the plugins are missing even though they are in the right spot.... huh? Sometimes they work, but rarely
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    Help Plzplzplzplzplzplz

    No more help with rices plugin. But I'm trying to record a majoras mask playthrough. FRAPS keeps crashing project64 1.6. I have to use rices plugin because it's the only one fraps will record with. Please help me please please. Is there any setting, anything that will help me? Without fraps, no...
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    Oddness no motion blur

    I'm using pj64 1.6 and rices plugin on my vista with a geforce 6150. Rice has no motion blur, but it's the only plugin that works with fraps. When I say no mtion blur, I mean whenever motion blur comes on screen, there's nothing but black.
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    Video Card MALFUNCTION

    I was playing Ocarina of time, when an error came up. I checked my video card and it was disabled (?). So I enabled it. I restarted, then it was still off, but it said it was on. There was some error. I restarted again, and when it gets to the login screen, and beyond, it's nothing but black...
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    Chrono Trigger Ds! Apparently already out in Japan, but coming out in holidays for us.
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    Omg Help

    I'm recording a walkthrough for OOT for youtube. I'm using Camtasia for recording, and Nemu64 for playing. Speed runs near perfect, but if any tiny bit of a drop in the framerate, then the sound desyncs VERY badly. Any help?
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    HOWTO: Dark Link No dmg Easy way to kill dark link.
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    So I got the TAS to work, but Super Mario 64 desyncs at the end everytime. What do I do? Assaultified on YouTube said they happen rarely, and mostly on OOT.