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    NeoCD/PS2 - version 0.6c

    A new version of <A HREF="">NeoCD</A> for the PS2 has been released. This brings it up to version 0.6c! Here's whats new: <i> - More CDDA fixes - Fixed/added auto-loop feature (CDDA) - (re)Fixed missing sfx in aerofighters 2 (and maybe others) -...
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    Happy B'day Pixi!

    Just wanted to say Happy B'day to Pixi! Hope your having a great day and all that funky stuff! :) *Hands :icecream: to everyone to celebrate the birthday of one of the biggest cheaters/gamers I know of!* Now go and make that Gent husband guy of yours, your own personal slave for the day! If he...
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    General Crazyness!

    With PearPC out, and me being crazy I thought I'd give SixtyForce a try, hehe. It works! So veerrrrryyyy verrryyy slowly but yeah u gotta kinda expect that when emulating a G3 Mac on Windows, while its emulating the n64. I'll post more if I get any further, this is Aero Gauge (E) at the language...
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    Dolphin News

    Dolphin News (Updated) F|RES has updated the <A HREF=>Dolphin homepage</A> regarding whats happening with this GC emulator. Here's what he posted: <UL>We have done a break from dolphin since the release but last week we have started to program a little bit again. Dont...
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    Dolwin Progress

    Lynx of <a href="">EmuHelp</a> was kind enough to point out some news regarding <a href="">Dolwin</a>, a Gamecube emulator for Windows. There are some new screenshots which or9 (one of the Dolwin authors) has posted on a message board, which...
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    glN64 v0.4 Released

    Orkin has updated the glN64 homepage with a brand spanking new release of his excellent video plugin for N64 emulators. Here's whats new: - Shortened the name (I got tired of all the typing :-P ) - Rewrote ~80% of the plugin - Added hardware framebuffer textures (still experimental) -...
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    LemD3DCombine.dat Update (non-official)

    Lately I've been working with this file (LemD3DCombine.dat) a little bit and have made some improvements. These include: The World is Not Enough - Now Playable Zelda: Majora's Mask: Trees in intro now have textures. Bomber Kids in Clocktown show how they should now. Spinning mask...
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    TR64 Ogl 0.8.0 out!

    <b>TR64 Ogl 0.8.0 out!</b> icepir8 has released another new version of his excellent OpenGL plugin for N64 emulators. Here's what he has to say about it:<br><br></font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_quote"><br>Here it is. <br><br>Full...
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    It's here....

    <b>It's here....</b> <img src="" width="250" height="143" border="0"><br><br>Visit the UltraHLE 2064 site and download your copy by clicking <A HREF="">here!</A><br><br>Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone...
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    Yes... you read the topic... work out what it means...
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    Ooooo new emutalk logo!

    Wow! Its perfect!
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    /me hands Gent a Chocolate Orange

    /me hands Gent a Chocolate Orange