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    3D Interpolation

    I wonder how feasible it would be to smooth 3d models... Unfortunately it may not be something easily done in the core without impacting compatibility, so it may have to be GPU plugin specific. Does anyone here who knows who I'm talking about know how easily it could be done? Like say you...
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    Save States on a real N64

    I'm asking this purely out of curiousity. If I were to dump the RAM or my N64 as it was running and then uploaded that RAM back to it later, I would essentially have a save state, right? What range[s] of memory would I have to dump to get it to work without crashing? And How could I strip a...
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    Rice's plugin + voodoo3

    Just wondering, how high a priority is getting Voodoo3's to work? I don't even know how long this problem had been around, I just tried it the other day for the first time, and (as always) skipped the readme file until I had problems. Well, I have a Voodoo3, a great video card that seems to be...
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    Voodoo3 with Redhat Linux 8/9

    Well, I recently switched over to Linux, and besides not being able to get Hardware acceleration I love it. So that brings me to this: What do I need to do to enable 3d Acceleration for my Voodoo3 in Red Hat Linux 8? I've tried just about everything, and I'm getting frustrated. I also have the...
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    In regards to "Rom dumping... howto"

    Not trying to start a hellfire in here, but I just figured some would like to see evidence of the legality of dumping roms. I'll link, but first I'll paraphrase: Rom dumping is legal for personal use, so long as you own the game (tech. a liscence to use the game). A liscence allows you to dump...