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    3dvia: The Ultimate Gamecube Ripper With a Slight Problem

    Hello, it's me again. I know it's been almost half a year since I last visited this site, but I've come to ask for your help. We should no longer be writing programs to view extracted model files like the metroid cmdl or the smash bros model viewer. Instead, this program, 3dvia, works with any...
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    Nemu64 Plugins on Project 64 1.6

    Does anyone know how to get the nemu64 graphics plugin to work on project 64 1.6? I've heard of people who do it, but I've never been told how it's done.
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    Any New Emulators

    Hi. I'm just asking a few questions to the people that would know the anserws to. 1. Is anyone working on a new Gamecube emulator now? 2. If they are, will it run Gamecube fames like Project 64 runs N64 games? 3. When will anyone expect to see a well working emulator for Gamecube GCMs and ISOs...
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    Write a Gamecube Emulator

    Ok. Now I want to write a Gamecube Emulator. If anyone knows of a tutorial or something helpful, please reply. Also, if you can find the source code for the latest Dolphin Emulator, that be ok too, but I only need it as a prototype for a emulator.
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    Gamecube Problems

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a tutorial or something on how to write a Gamecube Emulator. This is mainly because I can't get the method of using PSO method to get the .gcm file format. When it says connecting to the DNS server, it says ERROR 102 (the gamecube does) you may not be connected. I...