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I just want to say that, hanging around on an Emulation board is practically illegal as well, seeing as you converse with people performing illegal acts without doing anything.


Maybe i should stop feeding the trolls.
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Only one response is good enough for that


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But... wouldn't it be unfair to the OP if we would let this thread fall to the bottom just because of trolls?

I'm pretty sure the mods wouldn't be all that pleased if he would make a second topic, since that one too would probably end up in a "trollfest".


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Well if we didn't have that goddamn troll it would be easier...

But a new thread should not be started, because doing what (s)he wants to do is illegal and (s)he's trying to do it on an open board.. You can not host copyrighted content legally and this board does not want any illegal content, so it would be pretty bad of an idea to do this...

But, if they were to wish to revive the idea of making it easier, they should write a batch script that takes an ISO of a specific game and rips content. Batch scripting is not hard because it's equivalant to using the command line, and luckily, the tools created (at least by thakis) are very nicely integrated with the command line ;)