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UltraHLE Alpha v1.1.5


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<b>UltraHLE Alpha v1.1.5</b>

A new version of <a href="http://alpha.emulation64.com">UltraHLE Alpha</a> has been released. Here's what's new:<br><br></font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_quote">- Added new ini by The Company version 2.0<br>- Fixed numerous critical issues with ini<br>- Emulator config now in separate file ultra.cfg,rather than in ini<br>- Fixed crash when refreshing rombrowser and no dirs are choosen<br>- Fixed crash when no plugins are choosen<br>- Fixed crash when pressing 'remove all' button and no dirs are choosen<br>- Fixed Name column sorting<br>- Added 3 more languages and fixes for several others <br> + Slovenian (Luka)<br> + Turkish (sakinol)<br> + Japanese (Nekokabu)<br>- ...</font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_text"><br><br>Download the file from the <a href="http://alpha.emulation64.com">UltraHLE Alpha website</a>.