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SharpBoy v0.3


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Category: <b>Gameboy</b><br><br>SharpBoy is good but still new Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for windows by the talented Zelda hacker xdaniel written in C# using OpenTK.

Here's the changelog:
  • v0.3 (May 11th 2011)
  • Switched rendering from using SlimDX to OpenTK, SlimDX Runtimes no longer needed; video filtering now selectable
  • GBC DMA copy operations improved, fixes certain DMA transfers spanning different areas of memory
  • Improved support for "undocumented" I/O registers, Demotronic Demo no longer detects the emulator and now runs with some glitches
  • Above change, coupled with improved graphics emulation, also fixed colorization of monochrome games via the CGB bootstrap ROM
  • Preliminary MBC emulation for Pocket Camera / Game Boy Camera; no actual camera support
  • Frame skipping and speed-up functionality implemented
  • ROMs can now be loaded from ZIP archives (using the DotNetZip library); recent ROM history added to menu
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