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Interesting Controller Problem.


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Did quite a bit of searching and couldn't find anything on the subject but the keywords for this one aren't exactly easy to pull results up on this with all other issues concerning controllers. OK so here is the skinny:

I set up my 8bitdo SN30 up in the controller menu. All buttons map out fine for player one but will not for player two (same kind of controller).
Thats part 1.

The more concerning issue is that even after setting up controller one multiple times and all buttons registering I get no activity out of the controller after loading a rom and trying to play it. It simply will not register any button press. I go back into setup to see if all of the sudden the controller wont register presses on the setup screen again and they register fine.

I am using the most up to date N Rage plug in. The newer Project 64 only came with that one. I hear its the only one worth using. This has also been tried on multiple games. Most recently Monopoly 64 and Mario Party 3.

I did get some weird detection from 007 goldeneye but it was a total of like 2 buttons and they were not the right buttons when hitting them. I had to use the keyboard to get into the game for those buttons to work though and I have not tested the other games out that way as I figure if start, a, and b aren't working it isn't much worth it.

On the controller setup I am using the plugged option as x input does nothing for me.