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A.I. and Archive at EmuTalk


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<b>A.I. and Archive at EmuTalk</b>

Late last night I installed a bot that replies to threads and posts over at our <a href="http://www.emutalk.net">message board</a>. I've named the bot Imabot, and she replies to all posts longer than 10 characters. Needless to say, it's become very popular already (almost 2000 posts in less than 24 hours). Read more about it <a href="http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?postid=107661#post107661">here</a>.<br><br>Another new feature over at our message board is an <a href="http://www.emutalk.net/archive.php">archive</a> for all posts made. Each page holds 200 threads, and it's very quick and easy to use. This uses a "threaded" thread display mode, which some people prefer, and the archive is also search spider friendly.<br><br>As a side note, EmuTalk was mentioned in <a href="http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=2067820">this article</a> at Reuters.com :D <br><br>Finally, the contest we're holding ends in less than two hours, and it's still <a href="http://www.emutalk.net/proarcade.php?action=arcade&game">tied</a>! Let's hope someone wins this weekend. :)<br><br>EDIT: Contest was still tied at 10 pm, let's check back next Sunday to see if we have a winner. :)