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51 Dollars For A Used N64 Cart


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Hard to believe eh? My friend and I went to the mall yesterday and upon stopping in electronics boutique we were looking at the used carts. I have no N64 but my friend does, he was going to pick up a used copy of Perfect Darkl and Mickey's Speedway USA, upon picking up Mickey's Speedway, we saw a pricetag on it that loooked rather old saying 50.99, assuming this was its original tag and that it was far cheaper now he grabbed them both and went to the counter, asking if the game was really 51 dollars, the clerk assured us it wasn't and rang it up, only to find out, DEAR GOD, it was infact 51 dollars, now obviously my friend didn't buy it but we found it shocking a used Nintendo 64 cart could STILL cost 51 dollars.


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heh, a local store here sells leftover n64s for a whopping 72 euros. i can tell why theyre still there..


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51 dollars heh
I get my carts at a flea market for 10 dollars used ,
for that i get the box and the manual .
no manual for snes carts , but at 5 dollars who can complain.
Its funny PS games are still 10 or 15 all used .
I have paid full price (40 or 60 depending on the game) years ago (Wallmart) but i stoped buying console games two years ago , iv got a ton already .
used PS games are a risk because they are easily damaged .
I dont have a PS2 or Xbox (Yet) so we will see If i start back forking money over. I hardly ever go to the mall but when i do its to go to spencers .
But yeah thats high .


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I've picked up some great games used, I got all three colony wars games for the PSOne for a tenner and Alundra for £4, Soul Calibur and Outrigger for my DC for £15.

having said that I saw Chrono Cross for £49.99 second hand and it was the best of version as well :eek:


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Even better.

In Alaska there was this one store which had a crapload of used/new N64 games - a few of which were $90, the rest were $100. O_O


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Game rarity is an intersting thing.

I recall used copies of Final Fantasy Tactics, before it became a Greatest Hits title, going in excess of $50.
Now the same applies to Final Fantasy Chronicles and such, even though the PSX is pretty much dead when it comes to new titles.


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I just picked up Perfect Dark brand new one Ebay for $4.99 US. It seems like they made too many Perfect Dark Carts because there are a lot on there for cheap. I also got Conker brand new for $6.49 on Ebay as well and an S-Video cable for $1.50.

There are loads of rip offs around though for sure. It's funny to look in Classified Ad's and see someone selling an N64 with 2 games and 1 controller for about $125 Canadian and then someone else selling one with 4 games for $40 Canadian. I wonder which one I would be more inclined to buy.

The most hilarious thing though is when people buy stuff for more then you can buy it in the store. Like on ebay people paying more then retail for Gamecube's etc. that just makes me laugh. I guess if you live in the middle of nowhere 200 miles from the nearest store and you don't have a car...but then would you even have internet access there?


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Btw, if anybody is interested to know, FF Chronciles and Vagrant Story are now PSX Greatest Hits titles (along with, presumably, FF Anthology and Xenogears).
I presume on the latter two because an article I had read said the four were to be rereleased as GH, and the two I needed arrived yesterday, with green GH banner and all.

So, no more going to eBay and forking over too much money for them once word gets out that they're available.
Actually, just checking eBay quick, with people selling the GH copies, the bottom has already fallen out on the prices. :)