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  1. sammyboy

    The Next Generation?

    I have many a reason to believe that the next generation of consoles (I mean, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo Revolution) may be easier to develop emulators for than the current generation. The only main problem that is currently forseeable is that computers arnt currently powerful enough to...
  2. sammyboy

    Simple Visual Basic Programming Question

    I have tried numeros times to create an emulator (chip-8, gameboy) on Visual Basic but a few problems always hit me. When emulating - where on earth do I start. Loading - How do I implement out the loading opcodes Loading - What else do I need to do when programming the loading part Testing...
  3. sammyboy

    This May Be The Perfect Playstation 2 Emulator

    Go to and it is very trust worthy, It was made by the people who wrote the program yabasic which is a legal program licensed by Sony so it should be quite safe. I hav not tried the download my self yet due to the fact that I am on my dads computer and I...
  4. sammyboy

    Vb 6 To .net

    Is there a way to view vb 6 code in Some projects that I did with 6 I want to port to .net does anyone know how.
  5. sammyboy

    Games Consoles

    Look I am supposed to be doing an assiment on media for school. Can someone please tell me the first console and its dates leading up to the ones coming out soon (XBox 2, Playstation 3, Gamecube 2, PSP, DS). Can you please reply soon.
  6. sammyboy question

    Look I am writing a word processing program in VB.Net. I have only just got it and I need some help. Right when it loads a opendialogbox I want it so you can click cancel and a message box appears which states "You have not selected anything to load" also how would I get the program to realise...
  7. sammyboy

    How can I earn money

    Look my parents dont believe in giving me money but I am to young to work. I seriously want three playstation 2 games and a gamecube game. Does anyone know how to help me.
  8. sammyboy

    Need Patches

    Look I have a fairly new computer and the other day I felt the need to play Theme Park World. For some odd reason, cant remember why but winxp is uncompatible. Does anyone know of a patch for it that enables it to work on my comp.
  9. sammyboy

    What happened!!!!!

    I dont know if I am supposed to post this here but... I tried to login about 3 minutes ago and the site was DOWN... then when I checked emulation64 it said that 0 users and 0 guests were online whats happening. Or did the server just have a spaz.
  10. sammyboy

    Can You Help Me!!!

    I really want to create a basic emulator then work up. Though the thing is I just dont know how. Yeah I know abit a C++ and I know almost everything about aplication dev on VB. But I really wnt to know how to create an emulaotr. I know the CHIP8 quite well. I studied the docs of them or about...
  11. sammyboy

    Simple Programming Question

    When you write an emulator in Visual (C Sharp) what project build do you need. There is a list of things like Win32 application and things. This question also goes for things like Hello World programs and simple projects like that.
  12. sammyboy


    Well with the plans for a N-GAGE 2 coming out I was wondering why isnt there a n gagfe emulator. Its got similar graphics and things to the GBA why should it not be emulated.
  13. sammyboy

    My 100th post

    Yay this is my hundreth post!!!! :bounce: To celebrate I want to know everybodys post amount who reads this forum.
  14. sammyboy

    An Interview With Hackataurax

    I have done an interview with the N64 emulator developer Hackataurax. It can be found at my emulation site ( If I am not allowed to post this Hackataurax said I could.
  15. sammyboy

    Burning CD's

    I have downloaded two movies and I was trying to burn them to a disk (VCD) and halve way through the first movie the disk ran ut of space how do I split the video file into two. :down:
  16. sammyboy

    Why So Quiet???

    I was wondering why this forum is dead/quiet are you keeping something from me.
  17. sammyboy

    Naughty Dog

    Has any one ever heard of the games company Naughty Dog. Tghey make the best games. Well I think so any way. Go to their site Their latest game is Jak 2 for Playstation 2 if you know any information on Jak 3 or know any cheats for their prev games or anything at all...
  18. sammyboy

    Downloading stuff!!

    I was woundering if you used a program/site to download things and what program you used. I use Kazaa myself
  19. sammyboy

    Chip 8

    If I was to create a chip 8 emulator what roms would it play (I have never heard of one until I looked at this emu programming site). It has so less functions do you reckon it would be possible to emulate in Visual Basic I mean if gameboy ones have written in VB (rather slow though) it must be...
  20. sammyboy

    A Little Error and a suggestion

    I have internet explorer 6 with all the latest updates but I cant seem to click on smiles. When I click on them the browser scrolls up to the top and does nothing else what is wrong with this. Plus a forum site I built (has nothing at all to do with emu) doesnt work. I mean all this used to work...