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  1. razius

    Super Paper Mario

    Configuration EFB copies : Texture Texture Cache Accuracy: Fast Useful links Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door HD by Invader (i contributed with some HUD and world textures to this project) Download Links Version 1.0 (January 1st, 2015) PNG format (231 MB) NA (R8PE01) EU (R8PP01)...
  2. razius

    Super Mario Galaxy 1

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 (CLOSED) New thread at Dolphin Forums. I stopped working on this because i'm busy IRL (and i dont have the time to retexture stuff) however i managed to find a dude to take over the project. As a result i had the original thread at Dolphin forums closed and he created a...
  3. razius

    Super Mario Sunshine

    Super Mario Sunshine HD About This pack represents my own vision of how the game could look like on a next gen beast of a console but that's NEVER gonna happen in the near future (i wish the Switch VC version would contain the textures used in the cinematics or promotional renders but i highly...
  4. razius

    Super Mario 64 (MU-TH-UR)

    I intended to fix this pack and release it for Dolphin (Virtual Console SM64) because: except for SM64 and Starfox64 there's really no reason for me to use PJ64 (Nelde is yet to release his pack and im not even a casual Zelda player) i had issues with Glide64's full transparency back in the day...
  5. razius

    Starfox 64 (U) (fonts, particles and HUD)

    The fonts are for the US version. I also included variations for some files and they're archived so feel free to unpack them and see if you like them. If you wanna make a Dolphin version of this project for SF64 Virtual Console and/or continue it... feel free to do so, you have my blessing! I...
  6. razius

    Turok 2 (fonts only)

    The pack's available at emulation 64. These fonts are complementary to Magnio's textures (great set but lacked new fonts) or some other Turok 2 set that may come, i won't retexture anything else for this game... at...