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    Mollymutt's texture pack (took forever)

    OK, after a while of searching, I found Mollymutt's texture pack *finally* and is ready for rapidshare if y'all need it (I remember posting a comment saying that if Mollymutt ever needed the pack anytime (or anyone) a while back and my internet failed so I haven't been able to give it to the...
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    Super Mario 64 (personal full hack)

    Hi, well you may know me as the guy from Star Fox HD retexture, but I found something that I can do that can fulfill the gap of playing games over and over with the same results... I have started a project that puts Super Mario 64 filled with new placements and completely revised text...
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    Star Fox HD Community Project

    I'm not good in designs, but I will soon! however, if you want, you can assist others with Star Fox HD! I'm not a big talker... I might put a picture in soon.