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  1. Narann

    Rice to OpenGL 2.1 (and potentially ES)

    Hi guys! As you maybe know, I'm rewritting some parts of mupen64plus-video-rice to make it more OpenGL 2.1 compliant (aka rewritting almost everything related to graphic...). The idea is to throw away old deprecated OpenGL functions (and pipeline) and have a code that could be easely ported to...
  2. Narann

    Database of high quality original N64 HW screenshot for emulator reference?

    I was wondering if there was any kind of database or archive with high quality (pixel perfect?) screenshots of games running on real N64 hardware. I don't have any N64 so I can't see if what I see is visually good or not. This would provide good references for the HLE community. For now, I try...
  3. Narann

    Color Combiner 2nd cycle behavior when ChromaKey is enabled.

    Hello again! I'm digging into the RDP pipeline in 2 cycle mode and what I understand seems weird. Anyone could confirm this? In 2 cycle mode, the second Color Combiner cycle is: - Combines various colors into a single color (aka his job) OR - Chroma keying Should I guess that when the...
  4. Narann

    What happen on real hardware when you push a matrix in the N64 projection stack?

    As you maybe know, N64 has a stack of 10 modelview matrices and one single projection matrix. Gathering informations here and there, it's not clear how the N64 react when you try to push a matrix in the projection matrix. Most informations say about the perspective matrix that you can load and...
  5. Narann

    When does Rice first version has been wrote?

    Hi all! I'm dugging into Video Rice code (mupen64plus rice video) and see a lot of weird things, like if the code has been wrote while some informations where not "available". So I ask older of you guys: Have you any estimation at which year Rice design and wrote its plugin? I don't talk about...
  6. Narann

    Put Mupen64 section in "Old N64 Project" and keep Mupen64Plus instead?

    Hi all! Mupen64 is a abandoned project since years now. It has been forked and re factorized to Mupen64Plus. Reading the Mupen64 section, every recent questions are related to Mupen64Plus: They could be moved to mupen64plus? Is everybody ok to put...