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  1. Kaoss626


    Recently I started trying to get PSX to run on my machine. Currently using ePSXe 2 questions- 1) Is there a better emu than this one, and which one do you recommend? 2) What are some good PSX emu forums that I can use to help me make the most of PSX emulation.
  2. Kaoss626

    LMAO...this is the best write up I ever read

    Grab the bargains up now LOL he he he he he..... read the whole write up
  3. Kaoss626

    64 bit processors

    Will the advent of 64 bit processing make a difference in the emulation of 64 bit consoles like the N64? I could be mistaken, but aren't the current N64 emulators hampered by having to push code for a 64 bit processor (in the console) through a 32 bit core. currently Athlon64 is here, Opteron...
  4. Kaoss626

    Organizing Roms

    My Roms are taking up too much space on my hard drive. What I'd like to do is to organize them in some way. One thing I noticed is that they are in many formats. While this would make no difference in playability, is there some way to convert them from one format to another? Is one format...
  5. Kaoss626

    Glide64 & eVoodoo, good and bad for me

    after reading a bunch of posts here, I was wondering how using a plugin and a wrapper could possibly run any better than a plugin alone, but I gave it a shot. I went from Jabo 1.5 DX6 to Glide64 0.31 and eVoodoo 3.25. What I saw was some speed increases and a few games that I hadn't been able...
  6. Kaoss626

    New Catalyst Drivers

    I just updated to the latest ATI catalyst drivers released yesturday. If I run the drivers in highest quality mode for D3D, PJ64 will fail to initialize the Jabo 1.5 video plugin. If I drop the mode to ballenced or what ever the middle of the slider is, every thing works great. I haven't...
  7. Kaoss626

    Rumble troubles

    I know I'm a newb but here goes here is the rig Celeron II 600 @ 927 :D Asus P2BF 256 Meg PC 100 Cas 3 ATI Radeon 7000 @ 184 (slightly slower than recomended, but it gets the job done) Windows 2000 SP3 Project 64 1.5 Jabo sound 1.5, but that may change Jabo D3D 1.5 Nrage 1.8 V2 controler...